How much does it cost to become an au-pair ?

Shamrock Au-Pair Agency offers you a FREE au-pair placement. The au-pair pays for her own flight. Please note that Aer Lingus and Ryanair often have cheap flights available for as little as Euro 20 - Euro 50 to Dublin, one-way.

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"I really enjoyed my stay here in Limerick, Ireland with such nice and fabulous host family.
Three days are left from my half year here in Ireland and then I will go back to Switzerland. I will never forget this time. It was so nice and pleasant. I had to look after one child, Laura (nearly 5 years old). She is most lovely and we really had a good time together. Also, I like my host parents very much. My family did make it possible to see and experience so many things from Ireland and even as well from foreign countries. My family took me with them to Germany and Portugal for holidays. The family was so good to me. I was a part of them. It is important to feel at home. They did it everything for an absolute comfortable placement.
But not all days were easy. Sometimes I missed my nearest and dearest from Switzerland. I think that will be normal.
Now, when I look back, I have to say it was the best I could have done - see a different country and learn another language.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to the Shamrock Au-Pair Agency to arrange my placement and a huge thank you to my host family. It was such a great time for me."

Heidi Birrer (21), Luthern, Switzerland